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Shun those studies
in which the work
that results dies
with the worker.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Man Blows Himself Up with Bomb
Meant for Squirrels!

A Colorado man blew himself up with a homemade bomb Friday
in a bungled attempt to kill a group of squirrels that had been
robbing his birdfeeder for months. Local officials reported.

A police spokesman said the bomb exploded when the man was
trying to attach it to the birdfeeder in his back yard.

Neighbors told police that the unidentified man had become
obsessed with trying to win back his birdfeeder from a marauding
band of bushy-tailed thieves and had recently made a disturbing threat,
"I will deal them a blow they will never forget!"

As his body was being pieced together for transport,
squirrels began to converge on his property en masse.

And no birds sang.

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