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Five Squirrels Seized in dog's Kidnapping

Paoli, IN - A local grey squirrel known as "Commander Winks" and four fox squirrels were arrested after they showed up to collect the ransom for a dog they allegedly abducted and held for three months, the newspapers reported on Monday.
The group was apprehended in front of the cemetery as they picked up a 10 pound bag of mixed nuts (the ransom) for "Bear." Bear had been blindfolded and tied to the shell of a stripped and rusted Ford on the outskirts of town for nearly three months.
The alleged kidnappers confessed to holding Bear for three months while they negotiated with his owner, Ed Barney for a ransom payment, authorities said. Barney received a photo of his 8-year-old mix breed dog wearing a blindfold with the ransom note attached.

They allegedly kidnapped Bear after getting him drunk enough to pass out, then tied him up and blindfolded him.
Bear was recovered with no serious injuries but as Mr. Barney put it," I think he's a little miffed 'cause it took me so long to come up with the ransom. You can't make a dog understand how expensive mixed nuts are."

You are nut number


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