Having lost his entire army to mutiny in the Colorado mountains.
Stockton Dupres, onetime leader of the Kentucky Branch of the
Squirrel Enforcement Army, is determined to fight on,
alone, in the war for squirrel-rights.

His new campaign is designed to strike fear in the hearts
of every Kentucky squirrel hunter with the
promise of biological warfare.

Scientific studies reveal a link between eating squirrel and the deadly Creutzfeldt-Jacob-like Desease(CJD), better known as 'Mad Cow.' CJD is the transmissible degenerative brain disorder technically termed spongiform encephalopathy. Eating "mad cow" meat or the brains and nervous system tissue of squirrels can lead to Jakob-Creuzfeldt-like disease, a dementing disease of the brain, believed due to an unconventional, transmissible agent (a prion).

Symptoms of CJD include forgetfulness, nervousness, jerky trembling hand movements, unsteady gait, muscle spasms, chronic dementia, balance disorder, and loss of facial expression.In the end, the victim can nolonger move or speak. It is always fatal.

CJD is classified as a spongiform encephalopathy. Most cases occur randomly (sporadically), but inherited forms exist. There is neither treatment nor cure for CJD.

CJD is the only known disease that can survive the rigid sterility process for hospital surgical instruments, according to the state Department of Public Health and Environment.

This time, it's no joke.

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