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So soon as early dawn shone forth
the rosy-fingered
then did the rams of the flock hasten forth to pasture
but the ewes bleated unmilked about the pens


Stockton Dupres
using Biological Warfare

New evidence proves that rebel squirrel leader,
Stockton Dupres and the Kentucky branch of the
Squirrel Enforcement Army have resorted to biological warfare.

An unidentified squirrel hunter in Frankfort Kentucky was the first victim.
Early Tuesday morning, he awoke to the horrendous sound
of his home being peppered with sun-dried squirrel pooh.
The impact was so great that his bedroom window was shattered
and he had to lie under his bed until it was over.

The hunter suffered minor bruising but was otherwise unharmed.
One of his best squirrel dogs was not so lucky. The dog was
pelted mercilessly because he had no shelter from the attack.
He is currently being treated at a local veterinary hospital for a
severe eye injury and psychological shock.

Local officials believe that the squirrels are using a catapult.

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