Grey Squirrel's Page of Silliness


Bank Accidentally Gives Squirrel $500K

A squirrel mistakenly received $500,000 that was meant for the Clinton's legal fund, quit his panhandling job and spent much of the money before the bank noticed the error.
Bert, a 2-year-old grey squirrel who lives in a public park, is fighting to keep the money.
His lawyer says Bert believed the money was a gift from a bank employee who feeds him daily.
The windfall showed up in a bag in the same location where the bank employee leaves peanuts for the squirrel. "It was a natural assumption for Bert to think it was for him," his attorney said.
Bert left his job (begging for handouts) at a city park and bought a peanut butter business for $100,000, paid off $30,000 in credit card debt for the former bank employee who used to feed him, and bought a 4x4 pickup truck. He was negotiating to build a tree condo when the bank discovered the mistake.