Attacked by Patriots!

Proof of escalating violence against squirrels

Please don't kill me

Sam recovering in his hospital room

Mauled by Patriots!

Vicious 'patriots' sought after man, squirrel attacked

"There was no time to react. They hit me like a freight train. They just got me and the squirrel before we could do anything," Charles Smith said Thursday.

Smith and the squirrel he calls Sam, were just 15 feet out the front door of his home when they were set upon by two geeky looking men that bolted silently at them from across the street.

In the snarling, yelling melee that followed, one of the patriots clamped his powerful jaws on Smith's left hand and began to gnaw on his thumb, he said. The other grabbed the right rear hip of the 5-pound squirrel and lifted him off the ground, dropped him and then bit his chest.

"The next thing I knew, I saw my thumb on the driveway. I was beating the hell out of that patriot but he wouldn't let go until my thumb fell off," said Smith, his left arm in a sling, a bulbous bandage covering the stump of his thumb.

"I was really worried about Sam," said the lanky, 30-year-old Smith, "so I started kicking the other patriot and he finally let loose when I got him in the groin."

With the patriots on the run, Smith took the badly mauled Sam into the house and called 911.

"When the firemen got there they picked up my thumb and put it on ice and the ambulance took me to the hospital," Smith said. "They couldn't save (the thumb) though, because it was too mangled."

Sam was rushed to a nearby animal hospital where he received 90 stitches to close his wounds. He is recovering.

Smith, an Artist, faces an operation today on his hand.

"I'm lucky in that I'm right-handed, but it's going to take some time to learn how to hold a palate and brushes with my left," he said.

Smith has been feeding Sam in his yard for 3 years and Sam is like family. "To think that he could have been taken away so quickly by these fanatics is infuriating', said Smith. The neighbors agree." We're all pulling for little Sam and we are all chipping in to cover his medical bills", said Florence Wilson." Hope they catch those danged patriots!"

If you have any information about this crime or the patriots who committed it, we ask that you contact the authorities at once.

P.S. If you aren't sure what a 'patriot' is, be sure to visit the 'bushy tail enviers'at The Global Squirrel Network

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