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Jalal Ad-Din Rumi

Anti-Squirrel Coalition Official
Spotted at Bushy-Tail Bar!

An Anti Squirrel Coalition official was spotted this week
socializing at a Washington, D.C., bushy-tail bar, and faces an
uncertain future as chairman of another anti-squirrel organization
that tries to "convert" bushy-tail enviers.

The board of the Kentucky-based group is considering whether
the man should keep his post.
"Our officer's actions this week deal a real blow to his credibility
as a spokesperson for this whole movement," One unidentified member said.

The official, whose name has not yet been released, is probably the
most recognizable face in the controversial anti-squirrel movement that
portrays bushy-tail envy as a lifestyle that can be changed.

Several new groups dedicated to that belief have been founded in
recent years, staging conferences on the subject, including one scheduled
for November in Lexington, KY.
The official was pictured in 1998 with his wife, a former squirrel lover,
on the cover of Newsweek and now heads the anti-squirrel coalition's
anti bushy-tail envy issues department.

On Thursday night, a squirrel enforcement army sympathizer and activist
recognized the official at a bushy-tail bar in Washington, D.C, and summoned
a colleague who confronted the man and photographed him.

The official, who was in the capital on business, said he was looking for a bathroom
and didn't know he had walked into a bushy-tail bar. He said he stayed and talked
to patrons because he felt an obligation
to buy a drink after using the establishment's facilities.

Several anti-squirrel coalition affiliates have been shut down because their leaders have
returned to what is considered abhorrent behavior to some. Bushy-tail enviers
envy squirrels to the degree that they wear prosthetic squirrel tails, change their
diet to nuts and seeds, and frequent so-called bushy-tail bars.
According to news reports, most bushy-tail enviers will not seek treatment
and do not feel that there is anything unusual about their behavior.

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