1-Army of the Dead Bin's Vacation 3-Truce Broken 4-Second Interview
5-Salute 6-Enlist 7-Brain Protectors 8-Haunted House
9-Liars 10-Problems 11-Hockey Team
13-NutBusters/Predators 14-Rebel without a clue 15-Rudolph kidnapped! 16-North Pole
17-Early Kidnapping 18-Kidnapping Realized 19-Christmas Day 20-Kidnapped again
21-Paralel World 1 22-Human Shelter 23-The Adoption 24-The Painter
25-Calendar Squirrels 26-President Dupres 27-She-Devil 28-The Tomb
29-Rescue 30-Ophelia 31-Reunited 32-1882
33-Leadville 34-meeting Ophelia 35-Drunk 36-1692
37-Witch Hunts 38-Vice 39-Old Friend 40-Sinking
41-McRebel 42-1st Case 43-No Sex w/Hunters! 44-Going Home
45-Liberated 46-SEA Break 47-Roguery 48-Smuggling
49-Released 50-Cruel Tactics 51-Squirrel Tax 52-Acorns of Destruction
53-Demands 54-Axe Murder 55-Amnesty 56-Vandals


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