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Dupres tried not to hover
over Arbutus as she made
her way through the branches.
He was concerned for her
safety but he felt even more
strongly that she should
experience the freedom of
this day in the forest.

Her eyes sparkled and
she was so full of life.

Of course he loved her.

And now he winced as his thoughts
inevitably turned to the incident.

A fall from a branch, a hawk dropping from the sky…

She would have died then and there had it not
been for the Blair's coon hound.
He appeared from nowhere and placed himself
above Arbutus to protect her from attack.

And there he remained, baying non-stop
until young Blair came to find them.

Dupres visited with her only once after that.
There was nothing he could do,
for she now realized her limitations
and all hope of freedom had left her.

He came to watch her through the window a few times.
But the sparkles in her eyes were gone.

He blamed himself.

Soon after, he departed for Colorado
with a group of would-be miners.

To be continued...

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