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The murky waters in
Stockton Dupres' head
were parting at a rapid pace.

The memories from over
a century past
were flooding his thoughts
and releasing emotions that
he thought were as dead
as those who first
inspired them.

There were his soldiers, taxonomically immortalized
by a half-crazed inbred that he had dismissed as harmless.
But most troubling, was Arbutus and the
unrequited love that had sent him on a
desperate adventure of lawlessness
and self destruction.

He had refused to think of her for a
very long time, but she had never
stopped frequenting his dreams.
And now he could think of nothing else
as he turned this sleepless night
over to her ghost.

After watching her from outside the boy's window
for many days, he had decided to break into
the Blair home. He waited until the family
left for church early one Sunday morning.
An open window made it too easy for him.

They met and he found her to be as angelic as she looked.
After convincing her to spend the day with him in the forest,
he noticed that she had weakness in her back legs.
Her gate was feeble and his heart sank as he realized
that her diet or lack of exercise had given her
a severe disability. He knew that she would
have problems climbing and avoiding predators.

But she was so bright and curious about the
outside that he couldn't back out of the expedition now.

He led her through the open window and onto a branch.
Her exuberance, coupled with her awkward movements,
made her seem more as a sprite than a squirrel.

To be continued...

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