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is love's reflection

Lara Parker

Rebel squirrel leader, Stockton Dupres left
the home robberies and booby-trapping to
his special forces.
But they called him out today because they
had found something remarkable in the home
of a local squirrel hunter.

Dupres followed the commander into
the mold smelling basement.
As they entered the main room,
one of his soldiers turned on the lights.
He muffled a gasp as his senses were cruelly assaulted
by the sight of a room full of taxidermied squirrels.

They were crowded in bookcases and curios
which lined the room. And there were others on
wall shelves and sitting on the floor.

Dupres noticed that they all looked old.
They were dusty and brittle; some had been
chewed on by mice or had nearly disintegrated.

He leapt upon a shelf to get a closer look and found
that each squirrel had been mounted on a wood base.
When he wiped away the dust on one,
he was able to find a date, 1882.

In 1882, Dupres was in Leadville, Colorado,
goofing off with Doc Holliday and falling
in love with Ophelia.

He rubbed some more and found the name
of the craftsman, Colonel Blair.

Dupres remembered Blair clearly
and bristled at the name of his old nemeses.

He then took a closer look at the squirrels and to his horror,
realized that they were members of his first
rebel squirrel army, from the 1800's!

One by one, he recognized his comrades and gave
them back their names: "David, Tecwen, Josh…


He recoiled before the petite form of a female fox squirrel,
posed absurdly with a huge, black walnut in her grip.

"Arbutus…" He whispered as he leaned closer
to her sweet, lifeless face.

Even the incompetence of the taxidermist,
accompanied by 120 years of death,
could not destroy her beauty.

In front of his soldiers, he held his composure.
But inside, a dangerous mix of grief and rage was brewing.

To be continued...

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