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FBI To Aid In Probe
Of Home Invasions

Hart county, Kentucky -- With five similar home invasions
and robberies targeting known squirrel hunters occurring
in the region, local police have turned
to the FBI for assistance.

"We suspect this to be the work of the Rebel Squirrel Army,"
One officer said. "It's interstate and people are getting hurt.
We don't have the expertise to deal with what we've got -
the squirrels outnumber us and we're losing ground."

Hart county Sheriff's officers continue to investigate last week's
home invasion and robbery that targeted the home of a prominent
local citizen and squirrel hunter. The home had been burglarized
and set with booby-traps while the man was at work.
Upon his return, he was pelted with acorns when one of the traps
was triggered by opening the door. Temporarily blinded in the attack,
the man was then overpowered from behind by several suspected squirrels.
After stealing his ball cap, the squirrels messed up his hair and duct taped
him to a chair without access to a TV or beer.
The home was then ransacked and several cartons
of cigarettes were taken. The squirrels then unplugged
the refrigerator and deep freezer, where numerous squirrel
carcasses were stored.
The unidentified man was found four days later by neighbor boys
who had snuck into his home to drink beer.

Hart County detectives have compared notes with
Edmonson County detectives, who are investigating three
similar home invasions and robberies in their town.

And Friday, a similar crime was reported near Nashville, Tennessee.

The local sheriff said he hopes the FBI
can bring expertise to the investigation
that he and other rural detectives lack because
they have not dealt with such crimes in the past.

He also believes that a rolodex, stolen during
one of the Edmonson County invasions is giving the
squirrels the names and addresses of other hunters in the area.

To be continued...

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