All currency converted to nuts upon entering

Acorn-Grenade launcher
handed over in
nuts for guns amnesty

Hart County, Kentucky-
Police taking part in
a nuts for guns amnesty program,
designed to get weapons out of the hands of squirrels,
were stunned when a local park squirrel handed in
a tank-busting rocket-propelled acorn-grenade launcher.
(at left)

The Russian-built, squirrel-modified shoulder-launched weapon
was surrendered at the police station along with several
rounds of ammo, police said.

"This is particularly disturbing," said one deputy who asked that
his real name not be used. "We had no idea that the squirrels
around here had those kinds of weapons…What else have they got?"

The nuts-for-guns amnesty program was set up this week in an attempt
to get some weapons out of the rebel squirrel army's arsenal.
Until now, there had been little activity even though the police
are offering premium mixed nuts for any weapon turned in.

The squirrel who handed over the bazooka was not asked for any details,
but officers suspect he may have more than one launcher, for as
one officer put it, "There's only one thing squirrels like to hoard
more than nuts, and that's guns."

To be continued...

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