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The ultimate measure of a man
is not where he stands in moments
of comfort and convenience,
but where he stands at times of
challenge and controversy.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Kentucky Squirrels
Becoming More Demanding

Kentucky-Citizens were put on high alert Saturday after it was
reported that a young woman visiting the local park was
approached by a panhandler who begged for peanuts.

The woman gave the squirrel a peanut from her lunch,
crossed the street and continued walking south on Main Street.

The squirrel followed her and demanded the rest of her lunch.

The assailant took the woman's lunch bag and fled west
on Huckleberry Street. The woman was not physically injured.

The sheriff's office is warning people to resist squirrel pressure.
"And whatever you do," said one deputy, "Don't make eye contact.
Walk like you have a purpose and
try not to look like a sucker."

Squirrels are waging a merciless war against their
oppressors in this part of the country,
where squirrel hunting is rampant and squirrel brains
are considered a delicacy.

To be continued...

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