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that we are inadequate.
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Nelson Mandela

Dupres Admits Having Acorns of Minor Destruction

Kentucky Rebel squirrel leader, Stockton Dupres,
in remarks broadcast on Tuesday, blatantly admitted
that his army had acorns of minor destruction
and links to cigarette smuggling.

"I have nothing to hide; Kentucky squirrels are ready
to take their liberty by any means necessary, including
the use of acorns of minor destruction," Dupres said in
a rare interview in Frankfort on Sunday.

Dupres said that Kentucky squirrel hunters were intent
on murdering innocent squirrels in order to maintain a
certain lifestyle of depravity and beer guzzling.

Authorities in Frankfort dismissed the rebel's comments
as more of the same. "Given the fact that he has acorns of
destruction (minor or otherwise) is proof enough that
squirrel hunting must continue at a stepped up pace in the state."

But Dupres' supporters claim that the squirrel hunters are losing
this war and should give in to the squirrel's demands.

"By putting up this false front of superiority, the hunters are simply
making themselves bigger targets than they already are."
Explained one person. "This is all very tiresome to the squirrels
and they just want it to be over with so that they
can get back to gathering nuts."

To be continued...

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