Alone in 451 AD,
the Emperor Valentinian 111 is holding
Stockton Dupres prisoner as a pet.
"He doesn't eat,"
Valentinian tells his mother, Placidia.
"It has been nearly two weeks
and he is no nearer to death than I."
Placidia scoffs at her son,
"Surely, someone else is bringing it food."
"But Mother," he continues,
"The creature TELLS me that it
will not eat while it is caged.
He puts other words and thoughts
in my head as well"

Placidia has heard enough
and fears for her son's sanity.
She tells him never to speak
of the talking squirrel again.

It was true; Dupres realized
that he could be in this situation
for a while so he entertained himself
as best he could.
After learning to do it from Lovey 343 in 2525,
Dupres had become a master of
telepathic communication with humans.

He toyed with Valentinian mercilessly.

At first, the Emperor thought that demons were speaking to him.
But he eventually concluded that it was the
squirrel's attempt to hypnotize him.
No one else believed him and
rumors were beginning to circulate.

Dupres was very careful not to use his abilities with any other humans.

One day, he overheard Placidia discussing the Huns with her son.
Although Dupres knew enough about ancient history to know
that the Huns would not invade Rome at this time,
the Romans themselves were terrified.

'The Huns,' thought Dupres to himself. 'If only I could speak with the King of the Huns.'
Certainly, no one else would risk the wrath of the emperor to free a squirrel.
But Dupres knew something that might be of importance to Attila His future!
And Attila would be the one person who could deliver him from this prison.

That very night, Dupres began sending telepathic messages to Attila as he slept.
The messages told of a mystical squirrel being held in the emperor's chambers.
A squirrel that he must possess in order to become King of the World!

To be continued . . .

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