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At Left:
Rebel Squirrel Leader,
Stockton Dupres gives
thumbs up to his supporters

Subject of Clinton pardon
arrested on cigarette smuggling charge

Frankfort Kentucky - A squirrel pardoned by former President Clinton
for a 1998 murder conviction involving the deaths of 73 squirrel hunters
has been arrested on cigarette smuggling charges, authorities said Tuesday.
Agents took rebel squirrel leader, Stockton Dupres into custody Tuesday,
and he was scheduled for an initial court appearance on Wednesday afternoon.
Clinton granted 177 pardons and clemencies just before leaving office in 2001.
Dupres' pardon was one of the most controversial because of the
number of murders attributed to the rebel.

Officials raided the rebel squirrel compound inside the Mammoth Cave National Park
and seized records they said link the squirrels to international cigarette smuggling.
It is now believed that their campaign of terror against Kentucky squirrel hunters has
been funded all along by the sale of cigarettes bought in Kentucky
(where the tax per pack is only 3 cents) and sold elsewhere for huge profits.

But the state is facing a revenue shortfall of about $500 million through mid-2004
and it was recommended that the squirrel be released and all charges dropped.
Gov. Paul Patton's program to free some inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes
because the state can't afford to house them has already released hundreds of prisoners.
"Why bother with prosecuting them if we aren't going to follow
through with the punishment?" Asked one circuit court judge.

On Wednesday afternoon, Dupres left the courthouse
and was quickly shuffled away by his supporters.

In a related story
Bushy-Tail Envy Vaccine Coming to Kentucky

A vaccine to prevent Bushy-Tail Envy will arrive in Kentucky next week.
The first to get the shots on Tuesday will be the immunization technicians.
Next will be all squirrel hunters, specifically those who plan to hunt in Edmonson
and Hart Counties, where Dupres' headquarters is located.

Those who have already been infected with the
incurable affliction are beyond help.

To be continued . . .

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