All currency converted to nuts upon entering

At Left:
Squirrel caught on
surveillance after arrests.
Apparently warning
other smugglers.

Rebel Squirrel Army linked to
Cigarette Smuggling Ring

Kentucky-Over the weekend, federal agents
raided the headquarters of
rebel squirrel leader Stockton Dupres.
They searched for evidence related to the
smuggling of cigarettes into other states
and possibly, other countries.
Numerous computers were seized from
the compound located within
Mammoth Cave National park.

Interstate cigarette smuggling is a crime
and officials believe they will find that Dupres'
army is funded from the sale of hot smokes.
Kentucky's state cigarette tax per pack is only
3 cents while other states charge as much as $1.50.

Authorities were tipped off by an anonymous
nursing home resident from New York last February.
The informant told police that her roommate Marguerite
was selling cigarettes to other residents for much less
than what they could get them for in stores.

Undercover officers noticed that Marguerite, accompanied by a nurse,
visited a nearby park every Wednesday and fed the squirrels.

The woman would sit in her wheelchair holding a large bag
of peanuts while the squirrels climbed on her lap and helped
themselves to the bag. Oddly enough, the paper bag was
much larger after the feeding than it was before.

Marguerite was arrested and refused to implicate the squirrels.
But her nurse, who was also arrested, told authorities that the
cigarettes came from squirrels that investigators think are
known cohorts of Dupres.

The informant, fearing for her life after the arrests,
was moved into a witness protection program and now
lives in a nursing home in another state.
But she insists that the squirrels know where she is
because she has seen them in the courtyard.

No arrests have been made in Kentucky and
Dupres' whereabouts are unknown.

To be continued . . .

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