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"I think to lose Kentucky
is nearly the same as to
lose the whole game."

Abraham Lincoln

Stockton Dupres' rebel squirrel army,
controlling about two thirds of
Kentucky, has declared that it no longer
has any confidence in the SEA (Squirrel Enforcement Army).

Dupres says a leaked document reveals that
SEA leader, Tufty, is biased in favor of a human
run government in the state of Kentucky.

The claim follows the report of the liberation of 350
captured squirrel hunters in Hart County last month.
Dupres' rebels were holding the men in a secret camp
until they could be dispatched to nut mines or tree condo
plants around the state. Forced labor is a favorite weapon
used by the rebels against squirrel hunters.

The camp was raided by local law enforcement and federal
investigators after an escaped prisoner led them to it.
Dupres said he has reason to believe that he was betrayed
and his operation compromised by officers close to the SEA leader.

Since turning the Kentucky Branch of the Squirrel Enforcement Army
over to Dupres, the SEA has had no mandate to intervene in the
conflict in Kentucky unless requested. But it does have a mandate
to protect the integrity of all operations under its command.

Last week the SEA accused the rebel squirrels of grave violations
of human rights after learning that the captured squirrel hunters
were denied cigarettes and beer while in captivity.

It said it considered the violations unjustifiable and unacceptable.

Dupres has responded by accusing SEA leaders of being biased
and pro-human. "Whose side are they on, anyway?" He asked, rhetorically.
"Obviously they have not been in a forest lately during hunting season."

The rebel leader said he had been leaked a confidential SEA document,
which proved his claim and denied that human rights violations have
ever been of interest to the SEA until now.

Dupres has vowed to protect his homeland without
the aid of the SEA, "By any means necessary."

To be continued . . .

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