All currency converted to nuts upon entering

But the truly noble
know all men as one

Shyamlal Bhat

Stockton Dupres had spent too
long in the seas of time
trying to find a solution to the
human condition on Earth.
Alas, he felt weary and hollow
and just wanted to go home.

He had watched the Titanic
sink with his own eyes only
to find himself aboard
her again, hours later.

But he had figured out the reason.
Apparently, Titanic had risen and continued her voyage
to the other side of life. In the world of memories and ghosts,
she sailed on in highest fashion. Her passengers were anybody
who was ever anybody in life. Dupres could have stayed as long
as he wanted, playing cards with Doc Holiday, Drinking whiskey
with Ulysses S. Grant or talking about humans with Mother Teresa.
But he was overdue in his own time and needed to put his
energies into something that would help his own brethren.

As he climbed the palm tree of time on the great ship,
he saw Gandhi wave him on from the fireplace where he
stood warming himself. He flicked his tail in recognition
and then he was gone.

When he came down the trunk of the ancient Oak, he felt relief. He wanted to destroy the tree to keep others from making similar mistakes. But when he thought of Ophelia, he could not give up a tiny spark of hope that still burned in his aching heart. The tree of time was the only thing that could possibly bring the two of them together, if he ever figured out what to do to make her love him again.

Now, to find his rebel army and get a briefing
on all that he had missed.

To be continued . . .

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