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Just Say No To Sex

with Hunters!

Do you know where your hunter has been?
Has he or she been with any mosquitoes lately?

Are you sure?

One woman in Colorado is claiming that she contracted
the West Nile virus from her hunter husband through sexual contact.
Health officials will not rule out the possibility that West Nile can be passed through sexual contact. There is evidence to suggest that the virus can possibly be passed through blood transfusions, breast milk and organ donations.

So, if he were with mosquitoes, would he use protection?
He promises to use insect repellent and you even pack it for him.

But consider this scenario:
Your hunter meets up with his hunter friends
and starts talking about the bushy-tail that got away.
Two hours and 3 cases of cheap beer later,
is he thinking about using protection?

Hey, you know him better than we do.

We know you throw out the squirrel carcasses
he brings home and serve chicken in its place.

He doesn't know the difference.

His squirrel dog is so stupid he falls in love with his reflection in hubcaps.

You've put up with his smelly, hairy, chigger-bitten booty for years.
But are you willing to endanger your own health the next time
he comes in from one of his hunting trips with lovin' on his mind?

We, here at the Global Squirrel Network encourage you to
choose Health.

Don't become a statistic!

Just say, "Uh, no."
(Until he gives up hunting-especially Squirrel Hunting).

A new public service campaign sponsored by
rebel squirrel leader, Stockton Dupres has
some hunters feeling…frustrated.
The new tactic, aimed at curbing squirrel hunting in Kentucky,
sprouted on the heels of a report from a Colorado woman who claims
that she contracted West Nile Virus from her husband during sex.

A special thanks to my brother, O. Kee
who will eat anything he can kill, steal or dig up.
And, who does not yet know that his picture is featured here.

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