451 AD

After suffering the effects
of what seemed to be jetlag,
Stockton Dupres ventured
from the ancient tree
late the next morning.

He heard the laughter of humans
off in the distance but it would not stop him,
for something familiar had caught his senses.

The thing he could not resist awaited him,
just a few feet away.

An unguarded picnic!

He did not know which
of the delicacies to try first.
A bite of cheese here,
a piece of fruit there
and then he found bread soaked in wine.
It was the most delicious thing he had ever tasted.

When Dupres awoke and lifted his aching head,
he knew something had gone disastrously wrong.
He was in a cage!
He attacked the small bars with rage, shaking and growling violently.
A clear voice shouted from behind him, "Valentinian, he stirs!"

Dupres dropped to the floor of his cage, ' Valentinian?' He thought to himself.
At that moment, the young Emperor, Valentinian 111 ran into the room,
clearly excited that his new pet had finally sobered up.

The Emperor had a childish giddiness about him
that Dupres was not tolerating well.
When Valentinian offered a fresh-roasted nut through the bars,
Dupres took the opportunity to bite the emperor's finger,
drawing a great amount of blood.

Valentinian bent down to look Dupres in the eye,
"I'll make you rue this barbaric act, although you think it fun!"
He then stamped out of the room, calling for his nurse.

Dupres could not understand how the tree of time in Kentucky, had landed him in ancient Rome.
Could it be that the Tree of Time was made up of several trees, all sharing the same black hole?
Admittedly, being a squirrel, his knowledge of quantum physics was limited.

Things were looking bleak for the rebel squirrel leader in 451 AD.

To be continued . . .

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