On board the Titanic, just minutes away from the disaster, Stockton Dupres had
bribed two waiters into carrying the Palm Tree of Time down to the hold.
There he worked frantically to locate and collect the store of walnuts into
one big pile so he could send them ahead to his own time.

He realized that he wouldn't get all the walnuts loaded before the ship sank
but he figured he would work until the water came in then climb into the future
at the last minute. But when he tried to load his first walnut, it just fell back
out of the tree. Confused, he climbed up the palm and nothing happened.
The waiters had grabbed the wrong tree.

Upset about losing all those walnuts, he raced back up to find the tree.
Now, in the middle of the disaster, it was unlikely he would be able to find anyone
to help him move it down to the hold. But he had to find it so he could escape.
He raced through the chaos, dodging feet and ricocheting himself off the backs
of terrified passengers until he finally got to the smoking room.
And there it was, still standing in the corner where the waiters should have found it.

He started toward it when he spotted a bottle of whiskey on its side under a table.
It was still leaking so he figured he would get a sip before heading back.
Just as he stuck his tongue out to catch a drip he felt a hand grab him behind the neck.
His first impulse was to claw the hand with his back feet. But the familiar voice stopped him.
"There you are!" Maggie said as she clasped him to her bosom.

"I'm sorry I didn't believe you, Stockton," she said as she wrapped one of her furs around him.
"Now we have to get out of here." He tried to protest but she was holding him so tight in
the fur that he could barely breath. She used the fur to smuggle him onto a lifeboat with her.

She finally loosened her grip once they were safely away from the doomed ship.
He peered out from the fur to watch the horrific sight unfold before him.
As the ship went down, he realized that it was going to be an ordeal to get back to his own time.
He tried to explain to Maggie, telepathically that he really needed to go but she was
too involved in a heated discussion with one of the other lifeboat inhabitants to hear him.

Without warning, he broke her grip and leapt into the icy water.
Before he dove under, he heard her crying out to him. But he had to do this his way.
Find the Palm and get back to his own time.

He couldn't hold his breath long enough to make the 2 mile journey and was temporarily
overtaken by the ocean. When he came to, he found himself on deck in the presence
of many people enjoying themselves. The band was playing, people were dancing
and the ship was traveling on the ocean as if nothing had happened.

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