"O, Leadville is very very quiet
but I have wished a thousand times
that I could withstand her winters and then
here I would stay forever
as long as I could live,"

J.J. Brown (Molly Brown's husband)

Stockton Dupres had stumbled onto the biggest bash of his life.
On a luxury ship fortified with cases upon cases of shelled walnuts.
Walnuts that would never make their destination if he
had anything to do with it.

Smoking, drinking and gambling, he was in no hurry to rush back
to his own time. He had won over 200 cases of the shelled walnuts
in a poker game, why stop now? After all, he reasoned, 200 or more
cases of shelled walnuts would feed his army for weeks!

Around 10:30 PM, he decided to take a break and stroll outside in the cool night air.
And whom should he run into but his old friend from Leadville, Colorado, Maggie Brown.
He had not seen her since she was a new bride in 1886, living modestly in a miner's cabin.
He had heard of her newfound wealth and always thought that if anybody
deserved to be rich, it was Maggie. They sat down and had a good laugh
over the old times. She told him that she would gladly trade
everything she owned, for those happy days again in Leadville.

Dupres thought for a moment of his own happiness in Leadville
and wondered if he should tell her that there was a way to go back.
And then he thought about his true love Ophelia, who didn't know she
had been his true love (thanks to the tree of time). And he thought
about his old friend Doc Holiday, dead nearly 30 years now.
"Not me, " he said. "I live for the future now."

She said she had a book to finish but made arrangements to meet him
for breakfast in the morning. As she walked away, Dupres thought
it was sad that she was not happier. She wanted so badly to be accepted
by high society. Although she had all the trappings of the social elite
and a heart as big as a fresh watermelon, the guard dogs would not let her in …

But wait! He just remembered something.

The person he knew as Maggie Brown…would be remembered in history
as Molly Brown, the Unsinkable Molly Brown. Survivor and heroine
of the Titanic disaster! Where was he?

He leapt off the chair and chased after her. As he caught up
to her skirt, he climbed it to her shoulder.

"Stockton! What are you doing?" She screamed, startled.

"Where are we," he asked in a panic.
"What?" She arched her neck to look around at him as if he were the village idiot.
"Are we on the Titanic?" He insisted.

"Well, of course!" She answered as she pulled him down onto her ample bosom.
"Have you had too much whisky, my boy?"

He explained to her that the Titanic would sink this very night
and they could prevent it by informing the captain.

Maggie Brown was no fool. And now she was hearing an incredible story
coming from a squirrel with whisky on his breath.

"You never talked about being a time traveler before," she said with a tone
of disbelief. "I think you need to go sleep this off."

He persisted, but it was no use. She sat him down on the deck
and told him to get some sleep.

At first, he wondered what else he could do to help. But then he figured that
no one would believe him anyway. So he devised his own plan of escape.

He would find a way to get the Palm Tree of Time down to where
the walnuts were held and send them all to his own time
before the ship went down.

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