All currency converted to nuts upon entering

When anyone asks me how
I can best describe my experience
in nearly forty years at sea,
I merely say, uneventful.

E. J. Smith, 1907
Captain, RMS Titanic

After accidentally causing the Salem Witch problem,
Stockton Dupres could not stop the hangings.
If he did anything to interfere, the village elders
would become even more convinced that
the Devil was still at work in their village.

He would have to leave in order to stop the killings.

He decided that he would go back to his own time
and destroy the Tree of Time.
It had brought him nothing but grief in his attempts
to change the world. He had caused the deaths
of innocent people, he had lost friends and he had
destroyed the only fond memory of love
that he had ever known.
He would return to Kentucky and resume his war against
the squirrel hunters.
And he would do it the old fashioned way,
with guns and bombs and determination!

He bid his cat family goodbye but did not tell them
where he was going. He wondered if it would do
any good to return to the time just before the trials
and try to save the victims.
But no, he would probably just cause more death.

So, with a sagging spirit, he ascended the ancient tree one last time.

When he came down from the tree,
he realized that it was a palm, not an Oak.
Something was not right. But before he could give it
any thought, the familiar smell of cigarette smoke
caught in his nostrils.
It had been so long since he'd had a smoke.
He found himself in a grand room with cards,
alcoholic beverages and cigarettes,
all of his favorite vices in one place.

He didn't know where he was, and what could it matter?
A few cigarettes, some whiskey and maybe a short game
then he would get back to business.

He prepared to party.

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