What creature do you imploy then?

No creature. I am falsely accused.

The Salem Witchcraft Papers,
Book II, p.355

Stockton Dupres was enjoying
reliving his childhood in Salem, 1692.
It was all slowly coming back to him
as he lived and grew with the cat family.

He would sometimes catch himself looking at the
old mother cat with such adoration that he would
blush under his fur. She truly was a gentle creature.
She treated him no differently than her real kittens
and once, even defended him by placing herself
between him and a fox, allowing him time to escape to safety.

And now, back in his youthful body, he was old enough
to regret certain actions from his past.
He had killed cats in the future without a twinge of remorse.
How had he forgotten the cat family that raised him?
How had he forgotten that the only mother he had
ever known was a cat? Perhaps he had not realized
that they were different from him the first time around.

Dupres could climb trees better than any of his brothers and sisters,
which earned him a great amount of respect. But his obsession
with eating and collecting nuts was an embarrassment to them as
they based their own worth on the number of rats and mice
they could kill in a day.
The old mother cat seemed to be in denial and would
never act as if anything was amiss but secretly,
caught extra mice to compensate for her wayward son's inadequacies.

The eleven-year-old girl had been caught stealing food
from her mother's pantry to bring to the squirrel.
The excuse she gave was that voices in her head
told her to take the food.

Of course, Dupres had been using telepathy to persuade her
to bring him room service but her parents were sure it was Satan.
With unbelievable speed, the situation snowballed out of control.

The child received a great amount of attention from the community,
for it was thought that she had been bewitched.
Other girls became jealous of the attention she was getting and
began to exhibit strange behavior. They would scream and convulse,
throwing themselves to the ground in trancelike states.
Eventually, the girls were pressured into naming certain people
of the colony as the witches responsible for their afflictions.
Dupres' eleven year old refused to name him as Satan
and chose to accuse an innocent victim instead.

As the accused were brought before the judges for examination,
Dupres was beginning to panic. He presented himself to the judges
and others he thought could help, confessing telepathically for
causing all of the problems.
But this only convinced the townspeople more,
that Satan was at work in their colony.

On June 10th, Bridget Bishop was hanged,
the first of 20 innocent victims to be executed
during the Salem witch-hunt.

To be continued . . .

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