"All right, brain,
I don't like you and
you don't like me -
so let's just do this
and I'll get back to
killing you with beer."

Homer Simpson

Stockton Dupres had unwittingly traveled back
to the time of his babyhood.
He found himself alone and defenseless
when a cat spotted him in the grass.
Unable to defend himself, he clenched his eyes
and awaited death.

But the old mother cat just lifted him gently in her mouth
and carried him back to her nest in the loft of a barn.
It was his repeating nightmare, realized.
The kittens were all larger than he but their fur was so soft
that he couldn't resist snuggling up to them for warmth.
And the fresh warm milk was just what he needed,
for he was weak and cold from his travels.
It wasn't whiskey…but it wasn't bad.

To his own astonishment, he quickly became
one of the cat family. The human family who owned
the cats was equally astonished when they
discovered him in the nest.
Their eleven-year-old daughter took particular interest
in him and wanted to keep him as her pet.
But her father told her that the squirrel must
be returned to the wild once it was old enough.

As his body grew, Dupres began to feel more independent
and would wander further from the nest looking for edibles.
The mother cat, not realizing that he couldn't eat the mice she
brought to him, would continually chase him back
to the safety of the nest.

But then Dupres remembered that he could speak
telepathically to the eleven-year-old girl.
Under his command, she would sneak all manner of
baked goods to him from her mother's kitchen.
The cats were impressed, and once in awhile,
he would show off by having her bring meat to them.

Dupres had assumed that it was 1725, the year of his birth
but he did not recognize the country as Kentucky.
He asked the girl about it; only to discover that he was
in Salem and the year was 1692.

To be continued . . .

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