Whiskey -
I like it, I always did,
and that is the reason
I never use it.

-Robert E. Lee

During the first few days in Leadville,
Dupres remained in town.
Spending those hours with old friends,
gambling, brawling and drinking.
Oddly, he was not enjoying himself as much
as he did the first time around but he
couldn't quite figure out why.
Even Doc Holliday, newly arrived from Tombstone
with a bad attitude, began to irritate him.

One night in the dance hall, sitting with two
other gamblers, he and Holliday got into a
peanut-flipping contest. The object of the game
was to toss a peanut in the air, let it bounce off
your head and then catch it between your teeth.

The Doc was good but Dupres always won this game.
Still, Holliday challenged him, and then lost his temper
after he was sorely beaten.
In the past, Dupres would ignore the insults being
hurled at him until they were friends again.
But something was different now, Dupres was different.
At one point, he looked up at Holliday and without blinking,
flipped a peanut right into Holliday's whiskey.

In a flash, the good doctor's gun was pressing into
the squirrel's cheek.

"Ouch," chided Dupres, "Doc Holliday shoots a squirrel
for throwing a peanut at him!"

As the music ceased and everything in the saloon came
to a dead silence, Dupres was trying to find his transporter device.
But the bullet hole he used for a pocket was gone.
Then he remembered, he was in his 1882 body and had
not yet suffered that wound.

Holliday slowly pulled his gun away and announced to the bar,
"A round of drinks for the house… on the squirrel!"

Actually, the drinks were on Doc Holliday,
for Dupres had been cheating him all night at poker.

To be continued . . .

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