Two minds without
a single thought.    

-Philip Barry

Dupres learned that neutering was forced on all males in this new society.
Ophelia's planned role for him was that of sperm donor. And her own eggs,
fertilized in a laboratory, would be placed in surrogate mothers. Her new
army would be made up of none other than her and Dupres' offspring.
In this way, she could populate the Earth with squirrels that would be
completely loyal to her. In her own twisted way, Dupres suspected that
she felt entitled to these children. That they would make up for those that
he had deprived her of while she was alive.

He did not blame Ophelia for her madness.
In a way, he did deprive her of motherhood.
And it was he (his insane, future self) that
brought her back from the dead.

Nonetheless, he had to stop her.

He would have to do it alone, for his former soldiers
were peanut oil addicted puppets, completely under her control.

On his body, there were many scars from the numerous battles
he'd fought over the years. And there was one unusual scar,
a hole from a bullet that never healed properly.
He used that bullet hole as a pocket, and that is where
he kept his secret transporting device.

When evening came, he transported out of his cell and made
his way to the tree of time. He would go back to the time when he
first fell in love with Ophelia and, somehow, change the tragic
outcome of their relationship.

He climbed the ancient tree once more.
On this day, he would learn something new about
the tree of time, and how adept he had
become at directing his destination.
He expected to find himself back in Kentucky, in the year 1882,
where he would have to set out with miners on a long trip to Colorado.
Instead, the tree took him straight to Leadville, Colorado of that year.
He had climbed up an Oak, but came down the trunk of a Spruce tree.

The cold, clean air filled him with excitement as he headed toward the town.
Faint lights and dance hall music brought back the youthful exuberance
he had experienced there so long ago.
First, he would look up his old buddy, Doc. Holliday!

To be continued . . .

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