Dupres opened one eye,
for the other was stuck shut.

Slowly, he lowered himself from
the branches of the Tree of Time
and stepped gingerly into the
lush flora beneath.

Night was encroaching quickly and
an amber sky was falling to dusk.
Once again, the ancient tree would
have the last laugh, for the rebel squirrel
had no idea where it had taken him.

All he knew for certain was that he
had escaped the Terminatress in the
year 2525 . . . But what of Lovey?
He looked down at himself and saw
the crimson stains on his coat. Blood!

But it was not his.
It had to be Lovey's.

He leaned back against the tree.
Stockton Dupres, leader of the Kentucky Branch of the Squirrel Enforcement Army . . . Look at me now, he thought. Lost in time without nuts, no human servant and no army to lead anywhere.
And poor Lovey 343, dead now because of him.
For the first time in his life, he thought of something which had never occurred to him before. A friend like Lovey does not come to you by chance. Sure, there were thousands upon thousands of Lovey clones in 2525; but there would never be another Lovey 343.

He reminisced about the first Lovey who had once been an out-of-work quantum physicist with a wife and 7 children.
No one knows what really set Lovey "off" on his mission to photograph all the lovey little squirrels. But it eventually cost him his freedom.
In 1998 Lovey was declared insane after trying to steal bombs for the Squirrel Enforcement Army from a California National Guard base. He was committed to the state insane asylum in Atascadero, California.
Lovey was paroled in 1999. He would spend the rest of his life photographing squirrels and secreting earnings to the squirrel enforcement army to fight for freedom.

And it was this seed of loyalty that he had passed on to his clones.

Lovey 343 could have ignored the notion of helping Dupres but he chose not to. For they had shared a past, and now Dupres knew that the only ones he could truly trust, were those who had known and loved him long ago.
For it is a shared past that binds a friend - as it does an enemy.
Dupres began to feel his sorrow being replaced with a ferocious hunger.
He looked up at the last glint of a lost day and wished for a birdfeeder to pillage.
For he was not just a soldier . . . He was a squirrel.

To be continued . . .

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