COTTON could never
in its wildest fantasies
compete with HEMP


Stockton Dupres listened intently as his former insane self
explained how he'd found him in the parallel world.

"And I got this cool transporter device from one of the clones." Said his double. "I programmed this one to read my own brain waves. Now, all I have to do is concentrate on where I want to go …and I'm there. When we want to leave this tomb, it should take us both, since we are the same. "

Dupres had another item on his mind. "Ophelia," he said.
"How was she resurrected? I thought only I could do that…"

And at that moment,
he looked at the other squirrel,
who was now staring at his own toes.

"Why?" he asked lowly.

The other squirrel looked up sheepishly. "Reno took me on a hutting trip with her near Leadville, Colorado…I saw those other abert squirrels and just started to miss her."

"So you turned our beautiful Ophelia into a zombie?" Dupres was livid.

"I was insane!" He cried in his own defense, "But I'm better now and I'm sorry that I did it."

"And how does she feel about us?" Dupres asked.

The other squirrel postponed his answer until he absolutely had to say something under Dupres' glare. "She hates us, and wants to punish us,' he whimpered. "Apparently, she spent her short life waiting for you to return. She refused all others, never had children…she finally died of a broken heart when she realized that you weren't coming back."

"Stop saying 'you,' shouted Dupres, "You abandoned her too."
"Right," agreed the double, "But it is you, in our world, who will have to deal with her. I have to get back to the future because all this has changed the outcome of the squirrel war."
Dupres perked up. "Did the squirrels win?"
"I don't know, but I'm not insane anymore, so I think there is a good chance that we came out on top."

They transported out of the tomb and made their way back to the Tree of Time.

The streets were littered with squirrels that sold their souls for peanut oil. Addicted slave-soldiers that did the bidding of the corrupt human clones who were now in power. Betrayed by none other than himself, or rather, his counter part, who chose to abandon, rather than liberate them.

The Tree of Time stood shabbily in a condemned city lot.
The McDonalds restaurant that once housed it, had fallen into ruin as the society crumpled into madness around it.

Dupres and his formerly insane self, climbed into the branches together. While one of them would return to his own time, the other did not know what awaited him at the base of the trunk.

To be continued . . .

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