Dreams are the touchstones
of our character

-Henry David Thoreau

Stockton Dupres found himself helpless, weak and blind.
He didn't know where he was but he didn't care as long
as he could find a warm nipple to feed him.
He competed for space in a mass of squirming fur.
He sucked the warm sweet milk and was lulled to sleep
by a sound vibrating from the soft body from which he fed.

Purring!! He was in a litter of CATS!

He leapt up from the disturbing dream and stood for
several minutes completely disoriented. When he finally
convinced himself that it was only a nightmare, he settled
back down. But he could not return to sleep while the
vivid image troubled his mind, and he knew that he
would have the dream gain and again.

Dupres didn't know how long it had been since he
had been locked in the tomb by the
president of this parallel world.
He knew it had been a long time, though,
for he had smoked nearly all of the cigarettes left for him.

He knew that some kind of psychosis was bound to
develop as a result of his solitary confinement.
So when he began to have the repetitive dream,
he assumed it was the onset of mental illness and
tried to restore himself to rational thought.

He remembered hearing about a miner who was
trapped in total darkness for days after a mineshaft collapsed.
While waiting for his rescuers, the lone miner
braided wire to keep his wits.
Dupres had no wire so he braided small sections of the
fur on his tail until he had what might have passed for
short dread-locks covering what was once his bushy tail.

And then one day his savior appeared.
At first he thought it was President Dupres,
the one responsible for his confinement.

"It's me." Said the other squirrel. "Your insane-self from the future…
you know, from your old world!"

Worn down from his confinement and the torture of the dream,
Dupres could not comprehend the situation.

The other squirrel persisted. "Listen, I'm not insane anymore…
I'm going to get you out of here.
You won't believe what is happening in our world.
Our old girlfriend, Ophelia has somehow been resurrected
and she is really ticked off."

"Ophelia!" Cried Dupres, "She's alive?"

"Oh yes," sighed his former insane self, "But…she's different.
She has taken over your Kentucky rebels.
She lay siege to Janet Reno's compound and kidnapped me.
Reno was blown up during the assault and I
regained my sanity a short time later."

"But how did you know I was here?" Asked Dupres.

The other squirrel smirked as he explained.
"The President from this world took your place
and was captured by Ophelia.
I got him to tell me everything by sneaking cigarettes to his cell."

To be continued . . .

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