Dark moon,
why is the cause
your light withdraws?
Is it because,
is it because I've lost my love?

-Ned Miller

Stockton Dupres could not have imagined
what horrors lay ahead of him if and when
he returned to his own world. If ever there
was a squirrel who would live to regret the
indiscretions of his youth, it was he.

For long ago he had loved and abandoned
a heart as pure as the high country snow.
Ever intent upon returning to her,
the years passed him by until he knew
she could no longer be living.

It was with a heavy heart that he said goodbye
to her memory when he took his army to
Leadville, CO for winter training.
But was it coincidence when his army mutinied
in favor of remaining in Colorado with the
beautiful abert squirrels they encountered there?

On this day, the icy breath of winter will beckon
and the frigid dawn will awaken
a heart as cold as the land that bore her.

To be continued . . .

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