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and every evening what's left
of mankind will retreat to empty zoos
and lock itself in cages as protection
against bears and big cats and wolves
that pace and watch us from outside
the cage bars at night

-Fight Club

Stockton Dupres lived on in the parallel world.
Sometimes forgetting that he had come from another place,
the opposite of this world. But other times,
he felt the guilt associated with abandoning
the goals of one's youth.

In this world he had become an important and
highly paid artist. Working out his emotional problems
with the aide of a paintbrush and canvas.
And the more disturbing his manifestations were,
the more important he became.

He could rationalize his place in this world with
the obvious good that he alone was bringing to
the squirrel sensibility. One of the repeating themes
in his work was the haunting vision of the ongoing,
mass human euthanasia in the shelters.
Although, he insisted everyone look at the paintings
and see what shelter workers had to see every day,
there were those who opposed it.
Demonstrators would line the sidewalks in front of
the galleries that hosted his shows.
He didn't understand why some squirrels
wouldn't want to see the truth.

To some, he was mad. To most, he was a genius.
But to all, he was an enigma.
An artist who fell from the sky one day
and took the name of their dead president.

He continued to oppose having Janet Reno as a pet.
Still, he allowed her to live on his property where
she assumed the role of caretaker.
She kept a smart garden full of his favorite treats
and no bird or rabbit dare come near it.
It was a good life.

But as all dreams must come to an end, so too would
his happiness come to a terrible, screeching halt.
Leaving in its wake, a devastation born of evil and betrayal.

One night he was snatched from his own bed in his own tree condo.
Bound, blindfolded and rendered unconscious, he was spirited away
by an unknown abductor. This never would have happened to
him in his old world, for he was always on guard.
But he had felt so very, very safe in this parallel world
that all of his defenses had fallen away.

When he came to, he found himself in a small stone room.
As his eyes adjusted to the darkness with the help of
some light streaming in through a crack, he was able
to make out what appeared to be a sarcophagus.
He was in a tomb!
He leapt to his feet and began clawing at the stone.
"It will do you no good." A calm voice came
from a corner of the room.

Dupres turned and found himself looking into his own face.

"I am your counterpart in this world." The other squirrel said.
"I am President Dupres and I've been expecting you."

To be continued . . .

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