'The whole world loves
a lover' is an interesting theory,
but a very bad legal defense  

-Keith Sullivan

Calendar Squirrels

Kentucky - A group of Stockton Dupres' elite rebel soldiers
who posed naked for a calendar have been barred
from the force's elite unit as punishment,
a spokes-squirrel said on Thursday.

Some 50,000 of the calendars have been printed,
showing Dupres' rebels in the raw, and clowning
around with a battle mace.

The calendars have received high praise from females
who snatch them up as soon as they hit the shelves.
But Dupres' second in command, Lt. Scat was not amused.
Scat is in charge of the Kentucky operations while
Dupres is away, trying to unravel a mess he created
a year ago when he traveled to the future.

The soldiers were members of an elite unit, whose tasks
include infiltrating enemy camps, setting booby traps in
the Squirrel-hunter infested forests of Kentucky and acting
as body guards to visiting dignitaries.

"This would mean people like the Pope (if he were ever to visit our state),"
Lt. Scat explained, who said they could not now be considered for such
duty and would be assigned to routine fund raising.

"To call them naive would be flattering them.
It was simply stupid," Scat insisted.
"They've made the job difficult for their colleagues,
who've lost credibility as a result."

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