Grumpy's back from rehab
and his January letters are in.
January Bath Salts winner is
Mary Ann!

Pride is earned,
not generated from
your dysfunctional ego.


Dupres learned quickly, that although there was an
abundance of delicious nuts to be had in this parallel world,
they were not free. Squirrels in this society had to do
some kind of legitimate work in order to possess
a 'Citizen Bracelet'. The bracelet was worn on the wrist
of every employed squirrel in the community.
It entitled them to all amenities of society,
including food and shelter.

He had to find a job. But all he knew was war,
what kind of job could he find quickly?

Apparently, the local 'Human Shelter' was always hiring.
Alone and feeling hungry, he applied and was hired on
the spot as a kennel hand. He was immediately given
his citizen bracelet and sent to work feeding the homeless humans.
There were four to a kennel. Cramped and dirty,
they fought for space at the gate, where they
could make eye contact with potential adopters.

Humans in this world, had to belong to squirrels in order to live.
The problem seemed to be that humans outlived their squirrels
and only the very few and lucky got adopted more than a couple
of times before they were euthanized.

Dupres walked the corridors of death row, offering a
last meal to the unclaimed and abandoned humans.
He looked around at the absolute wretchedness of the situation.

At every turn, he caught the desperate glances of the unwanted,
the displaced and the …Janet Reno!
In a cell with three alpha females, his old nemesis Reno
was huddled in a corner trying to avoid attention from her cellmates.

Dupres approached the gate while looking for signs of
recognition from his old acquaintance.
But a sorrowful gaze was all that could be found.

To be continued . . .

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