What did we do,
who preceded you ?
I'll tell you what we did.
And don't you make the
same mistake we made. ...

-Malcolm X

Stockton Dupres glared at the people who came up to him in the park that day.
He didn't want their puny tributes of peanuts or half eaten sandwiches.

Couldn't they see that he had something on his mind?

Then he had to laugh.
Most people who saw him would give him little more credit than
thinking he was trying to remember where he had buried a nut.
How surprised they might be, if they only knew
how complicated his life really was.

Janet Reno had re-kidnapped his insane self from the
North Pole and gone into hiding.
He had to do something quick, before she could
reschedule the 60-minute interview.

As he pondered and schemed, the Tree of Time kept popping into his thoughts.
Sure, he could go back to the future and rescue his insane self and do something
other than send him to Reno. But he would also be starting
that whole thing over with Lovey and the Terminatress.

But going back to the future and unraveling the problem was the only solution.
And this time, he would find a way not to involve his friend Lovey the clone.

Guilt ran high as he thought of poor Lovey, out of his mind, lost in the
past as a pirate on the high seas. All because he tried to help Dupres.

He made his way to the secret location and looked upon the ancient tree.
It was so majestic and so very harmless looking.
But it was an elevator through time and it seemed to be waiting for him.

Slowly, slowly he climbed the trunk.
With a final look over his shoulder, he reached for a branch.

Moments later he peered out of the branches, expecting to be in the
museum in the year 2525.
Instead, he seemed to be in the play area of a fast food restaurant.

He looked around. The play area was full of different trees.
And instead of children, there were baby squirrels everywhere,
climbing and chasing each other around.

He carefully made his way down the trunk and into the main dining area
where he looked upon a marvel.
Squirrels sitting and eating delicious nuts that they had ordered from the counter!

He looked at the glass door to the outside and was astonished to see
a shabby human, tapping it desperately.
A squirrel who was gamboling up to the door, stopped and barked viciously
at the man until he ran and hid behind a dumpster.

What was this new and wonderful place he had found?
Had he stumbled into a parallel world, where squirrels ruled?
And why were those baby squirrels not affected
when they climbed the Tree of Time?

To be continued . . .

If this makes no sense to you
And you want it to,
There is a link to Army of the Dead
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