After sending his future, insane self
off in the Tree of Time,
Dupres and Lovey 343 begin
making their plans for bringing
the Squirrel Enforcement Army
to the year 2525.

Without warning, Lovey blurts out,
"The Terminatress. . .
She's coming after us!"
His voice quivers.
"Somehow, they know
that you are here."

He explains to Dupres that he shares
a consciousness with the other
Lovey clones and Lovey 6770
from the State Dept. has just
overheard a conversation.

Dupres knows that she can't kill him
but he doesn't want to be captured again.
Still, it is Lovey he is concerned for.

They decide to go back to the
Tree of Time and escape.

Back at the museum, Lovey struggles with
his key-wand to unlock the back door.
From inside the clone's jacket, Dupres peers out
as a shadow falls over them.
He tries to think of peanut butter,
but his real thoughts are read instantly
and Lovey's heart pounds in his chest.
Suddenly they are in and Lovey slams the door shut.
But as they head for the Tree, the wall crashes in behind them.

As Lovey races for the Tree, Dupres looks over his shoulder -
only to wish that he hadn't.
There is Reno, larger than life,
striding behind them as if she were on roller blades.
The black, glistening armor she wears
accentuates her every curve in horrific detail.

And now she stops and raises the long barreled gun she carries.
As Lovey reaches the tree, he pulls Dupres from his jacket
and launches him into the branches.
Dupres grapples for Lovey's hand in mid-air
but his senses are assaulted by the unmistakable sound
of gunfire at close range.

To be continued . . .

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