I am become Death,
The shatterer of Worlds

-Hindu Spiritual

Stockton Dupres was thoroughly enjoying
the spectacle he had created in Kentucky.
Having turned hundreds of squirrel-hunters
into squirrels, they ran for their lives through the forests.
Cowering from the comrades they once hunted with.
Entire families of the changed men now welcomed Dupres
into their homes. For his own soldiers, in the likeness of the
chosen squirrel-hunters, headed those homes.

One evening he was sitting around the big screen TV with
a doomed hunter's family. The small mobile home was cramped
but full of good cheer as they threw back a few beers.
A breaking news story appeared that would set him back.
The live coverage filled him with dread as he watched.

The North Pole was under siege from Janet Reno!
She had gone to reclaim Dupres' insane self in person.

The elves put up little resistance as she barged into Santa's cottage.
Mrs. Claus offered the former Attorney General some cookies as
she searched frantically for the insane squirrel.

And finally, in a spare bedroom, in a forgotten closet full of
old Santa outfits, she found them.

To be continued . . .

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