Santa used a fairy-dust gun to shower the chimney
with the magical blend. Then he and Dupres
dropped down. The dust made their bodies both
buoyant and rubbery, offering a soft and pleasant
descent into the fiery pit of Janet Reno's hearth below.

They found the insane Dupres sitting on the sofa in front of a late night infomercial.
He held a toy gun to his head and pulled the trigger periodically.
Drooling uncontrollably, his vacant eyes falsely conveyed a perverse interest
in the ab-toner being advertised to him.

Reno was nowhere to be seen and it was assumed that she had gone to bed.
Dupres hurried over and picked himself up then tossed the wet and sticky
drool-meister into Santa's waiting bag.

They turned back to the fireplace only to find a very grumpy looking
Janet Reno pointing a sawed off shotgun at them. "Drop the bag." She insisted.

Santa gave his best ho, ho, ho but she was not charmed.
"Put the bag down," she repeated, "or there will not be a Christmas for anyone this year!"

As Santa lowered the bag to the floor, Dupres quickly reached into the big guy's pocket
and pulled out the fairy dust gun. And with a great blast to Reno's body, she suddenly
lifted off the floor, dropping the shotgun. Dupres held the stream of dust on her until
her torso became a giant balloon. Stuck to the ceiling like a bug, her tiny limbs
flailed incompetently in the air.

As they made their way back up the chimney, Dupres wondered how long
the fairy dust would hold her. No matter, they were on their way back to the
North Pole and she would never catch them.

Now that the kidnapping was successfully complete, Stockton Dupres could fully
relax and enjoy what he was planning for the squirrel hunters on Christmas day.

To be continued . . .

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