It so happened that Mrs. Claus had been watching
a Martha Stewart episode when she saw an ad for
the upcoming 60 minutes program.
Of all things, they were planning to interview Stockton Dupres
and Janet Reno together before Christmas!

When she reported it to Dupres, he was beside himself
with frustration. If he allowed his insane self to be
interviewed on 60 minutes, the world would see a
drooling idiot and Reno would prove that she had total
control over the rebel squirrel leader.

He would have to kidnap himself sooner than Christmas Eve
if he wanted to save his reputation. He informed Santa
that he and several of his soldiers would be taking the sleigh,
the reindeer and as much fairy dust as he could carry this very night.

Santa insisted that he be allowed to come along.
Dupres reluctantly agreed only if Santa would wear something
less conspicuous. And it just happened, that Santa had an outfit
that he had never had an opportunity to wear hanging in his closet.

The rebel squirrel leader made ready the sleigh.
Even with Santa on board, he would be able to bring two
of his bravest soldiers along in case there was a confrontation.
He wanted the fairy dust for whatever might develop.
He had learned that fairy dust had many unusual uses.
Sure, it could make reindeer (or anything else) fly but it could
also do unpredictable things to the human body if used in excess.

They were ready to go and Dupres was wondering what
was keeping Santa. When all of a sudden, the big elf came
bolting from his front door, decked out in black leather
from head to toe. Jolly as ever, Santa looked like a
Sainted Hell's Angel with his long snowy beard sternly
accentuated against the glossy leather.

"What are you lookin' at?"
He asked the reindeer as he tramped past them
on his way to the sleigh.

Without further delay, the party of kidnappers
rose into the dark night and headed for Florida.

To be continued . . .

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