Things were improving drastically for Stockton Dupres'
new plan to infiltrate Christmas and kidnap himself back from Janet Reno.

Santa admired the rebel squirrel leader and allowed him to
take charge wherever he wanted.

Dupres returned Rudolph to the stables, for he would
be riding on the sleigh next to Santa this Christmas Eve.

He brought in the Army of the Dead to work in the toyshop
alongside the elves. Santa was glad to have the extra hands and
Dupres would have the special presents made up for
all the squirrel hunters they would be visiting.

He hadn't decided yet what to do with his insane self
once the kidnapping was over. Santa had offered him sanctuary at the North Pole
and more and more, that was looking like the best idea.

If all went as planned, Dupres' army would win the war this time
and his future self would no longer be insane.
He could then return to his own time.

Things were coming together.

To be continued . . .

If this makes no sense to you
And you want it to,
There is a link to Army of the Dead
inside where you can catch up.

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