Keep you doped
with religion and sex and TV
And you think you're so
clever and classless and free

- John Lennon

Rebel Squirrel leader; Stockton Dupres was shocked
to see a picture of his insane self on the cover of some
tabloid magazine as he waited in a supermarket line to pay for nuts.

"Stockton Dupres, Rebel without a Clue." Was the headline.

It had never occurred to him that his enemies would find him in the
care of Janet Reno and exploit the pitiful situation.
As they made a mockery of him in public, what could he do?
He didn't want anyone to know that there were two of him.
And he certainly couldn't tell the truth about how he had found
his insane self in the year 2525 and sent him back to this time.

Former Attorney General Janet Reno, his caretaker, was using it to her advantage.
Taking every opportunity to pose in public with the most feared squirrel in history.
It would certainly help her new political career if she were able to prove to the public
that she alone could control him if she were to win the race for Florida governor.

Dupres was disgusted as he walked out of the supermarket.
He had to find a way to get himself away from Reno before
he became a total laughing stock.

To be continued . . .

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And you want it to,
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