You miss 100% of the
shots you don't take...

- Wayne Gretzky

NutBusters rip Predators
with two third-period goals

Nashville, TN The Nashville Predators fought
a losing battle against the Kentucky Nutbusters on Saturday night.
As the Nutbusters scored two late third period goals to come
away with a stunning upset over the Predators.

Proving to be a very dangerous team, the Nutbusters' fantastic
acrobatics on the ice combined with Nutbusters goalie, Black Mikey
who made 48 saves in Kentucky's 3-2 victory over the
bruised and bleeding Predators.

Numerous penalties were called against Kentucky in the first
two periods including three instigator, fighting majors resulting
in one ejection. Defenseman 'Fuz LaTeef' was ejected from the
game after attacking the Predators' bench with a medieval battle mace
causing minor injuries to several players.

The NHL is currently reviewing the game to determine if further
disciplinary action is called for.

The Kentucky NutBusters Hockey team is made up
of members of Stockton Dupres' rebel squirrel army
and joined the league this season,
giving Kentucky its first NHL team.

To be continued . . .

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