And life is what we make it.
Always has been, always will be.

- Grandma Moses

Stockton Dupres had made up his mind.
He would get his soldiers in top physical condition
and instill in them the violent character they needed,
all while showing them a good time.

He would build Kentucky's first squirrel hockey team.

They would play in the NHL for Kentucky.
But secretly, they would remain true to the
Kentucky Branch of the Squirrel Enforcement Army.

He named them The Kentucky NutBusters,
and watched them practice every day
with the pride of a father watching his children grow.

They were naturals on the ice:
Fast, Agile and totally Corrupt!

To be continued . . .

If this makes no sense to you
And you want it to,
There is a link to Army of the Dead
inside where you can catch up.

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