After the game, the king and the pawn
go in the same box.

- Italian proverb

It had been a busy Fall for Stockton Dupres.
Training his legion of zombie soldiers
to use the ancient weapons he'd collected while
time-traveling had been the easy part.
Once they had died and been reanimated, they were the
bravest and most selfless of soldiers.
They fought tirelessly and suffered every hardship without complaint.

The living squirrels in his army were another story.
He hated to admit it but they just didn't get the concept of war.
As long as they had nuts to collect and a nice warm nest,
they weren't motivated to attend the training camps.

And when mating season arrived in the Spring:
he shivered to think of all the AWOLs he'd be dealing with.

The hunters were ignoring his offers of peace but the Terminatress,
sent from the future to destroy him, had vanished. His insane self
from the future was in the loving care of former Attorney General,
Janet Reno and he was avoiding the Tree of Time until he
could figure out how to use it properly.

He was looking forward to Thanksgiving, for it was traditionally
a time when squirrels were left off the menu, even in Kentucky.
While the hunters were gathered with their pathetic loved-ones
in their dysfunctional family circles,
he would be free to plan his next attack.

He remembered a time when he thought it would be a good
idea to get the turkeys to join his army.
They were all for it until they realized how dangerous
the struggle for freedom would be.
Unimaginably, they chose to remain where they sat
until the final moment of their doom arrived.

He wondered if squirrels were a little like turkeys.
And perhaps, they don't realize how fragile their safety
is until they have died once or twice.

To be continued . . .

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