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Kentucky Squirrel Hunters
Fight Over
Stockton Dupres Salute

Kentucky A group of inebriated squirrel hunters
attacked one of their comrades who gave
a mock salute to a television picture
of rebel squirrel leader Stockton Dupres at
a tavern in northern Kentucky on Saturday night.

Police said the hunter raised his hand in jest when
he saw a television broadcast in the bar showing Dupres,
who has recently lifted a ceasefire after hunters
in the region rejected it.

Several other hunters (including the man's brother and uncle)
jumped on their comrade and beat him violently
until other bar patrons intervened and a real bar brawl ensued.

Police were called and 20 were needed to end the fight,
including several who were present and possibly
involved when the attack began.
Even then, they only restored order
by threatening to cut off all drinks to participants.

The hunter who gave the joke salute was
arrested and jailed for his own welfare.

Tensions have been high since the Kentucky Branch
of the Squirrel Enforcement Army
decided to drop the ceasefire and resume fighting.

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