Dim voices cry now,
full of dim scolding soon to be actualized.

- Tanith Lee

Squirrel hunters refuse truce with Dupres

Click hereWarning: Very disturbing photo of slain peace officers

KENTUCKY -Urgent new efforts by the Bluegrass State
to push forward the Kentucky peace process between the
rebel squirrel army of Stockton Dupres and squirrel hunters
were set back Sunday when the hunters ignored Dupres' peace
offer and went squirrel hunting anyway.

Dupres called for an end to the fall squirrel-hunting season in an
attempt to bring solidarity to his homeland. Squirrels have honored
his request and have not retaliated, not even in self-defense.

Squirrel hunters have accused the rebel squirrels of failing
to honor a cease-fire but there is no evidence to support their claim.

Meanwhile, 35 unarmed squirrels have been gunned down since the ceasefire.

Dupres is said to be very optimistic that his new stance
on peace will bring an end to the fighting.

To be continued . . .

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