It's In The Mail

After rescuing his future
self from a macabre circus
of death and perversion,
Stockton Dupres and Lovey 343
devise a risky plan.

His future self was
driven mad in a laboratory
where he was subject to
inhumane experiments for centuries
after the squirrels lost
the war in 2001.

The mad Dupres will
only slow them down as
they attempt to bring the
Squirrel Enforcement Army to the future.

As Lovey assists Dupres in restraining the insane double,
forcing him into an arcane pet carrier, he asks,
" So who is this friend you're sending him to?"

"She's someone who thought she loved me once."
Dupres responded thoughtfully. "But I could not love her . . .
Not in my right mind, that is."

"And you think she won't know the difference?" Lovey quipped.

"It doesn't matter," sighed Dupres,
"She'll take care of him until I can find another way to deal with this."

"But you said you can't control the tree of time." Lovey reminded.

"That's true, but it's the only chance he has."
And with that, Dupres carefully addressed the label
on the pet carrier to: Janet Reno, Dade County, FL.
When Lovey saw the name, he recoiled in horror," Not her!" This is all HER fault!"

He informed Dupres that it was Reno who finally captured him in 2001,
though Lovey did not know the details. Further and more disturbing was
finding out that Reno had been cloned and a creature known as
the 'Terminatress' was born. Super-human clones of Reno -
military assassins that would stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Dupres finds that he is very impressed with his old/new friend Lovey 343.
After all, the Lovey he knew in 2001 was a total idiot.
Somehow cloning had improved on his overall abilities and particularly his I Q.
He wondered, what if the same held true for Reno?

Later at the museum, Lovey and Dupres hoisted the pet carrier
into the branches of the ancient tree.
Dupres, hoping beyond hope that his mad, helpless self
would somehow melt the heart of the woman who would bring him to this end.

To be continued . . .

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