The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

- Robert Frost

Stockton Dupres remembered
something Lilith had told him.
Something that hadn't made
sense to him until now.

She had told him that everyone,
every creature, knew the
hidden name of God, for it was
no secret at all.
The idea was to recognize it as the gift
it was meant to be, the very seed of which
makes us all equal in a world of life.
He had known it all along.

He spoke the name from the depths of his soul
and with a forceful jolt, found himself confined,
once again, in his body.

Slowly, he pulled himself out of his earthen bed.

Dupres sighed with relief as he stood in the moonlight.
Then, a strange shuffling sound caught his attention.
Slowly, slowly, he turned in a counter-clockwise direction.
And at every turn, there were the others, climbing out
of their own shallow graves.
They climbed out and shook themselves in the night. . .
And then they turned to face Dupres.
Encircling their liberator, awaiting his command.
He had brought all of the trappers victims back from the dead.

Dupres felt a renewed faith in his war against
the Kentucky squirrel hunters as confidence filled
his chest and coursed through his veins.

Before he could consider his next move, the trapper's home
vanished before their eyes. As the sun rose, casting rays
of light on the suburb, one by one, the homes disappeared.
It had all been the Devil's illusion, meant to break Dupres' spirit
and keep him a prisoner of his own self-doubt.

Within minutes, the neighborhood was gone and the undead squirrels
found themselves in a forest. The birds of morning were singing gaily
and the scent of wild things filled the air.

He was back home in Kentucky.

Not only was he back . . . He was back with a new talent.
He now had the ability to reanimate the dead bodies
of his fallen comrades.

With a rejuvenating supply of devoted soldiers,
and with the Fall Kentucky squirrel-hunting season
in full force, he was, indeed, unstoppable!

To be continued . . .

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